Great minds think outside of the box.

Work Culture

At McREL, curiosity is our guide. We put our minds to work through research, program evaluation, data analysis, and studying best practices from schools across the U.S. and around the world. Once we discover something that really works in teaching, leading, and learning, we turn our findings into useful guidance, products, and services for educators, leaders, schools, districts, colleges and universities, regional service agencies, state education departments, federal programs, and foundations.

While much of our work is with educators in the United States, we frequently work with schools, school systems, and government agencies in Canada, the Caribbean, the Pacific region, Australia, and other places around the world. Our clients are diverse, representing rural, suburban, and urban communities; indigenous, Native American, and First Nation communities; and school systems large and small. We also partner with other education companies and nonprofits, particularly with our research and program evaluation services.

We cultivate a supportive and collaborative team environment in which all employees can see the value of their contributions toward our mission and our clients’ success. We hire full-time and contract employees in the following areas to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Research, Evaluation, and Technical Assistance

Every school or education system has its strengths, challenges, climates, goals, and stakeholders. Honoring these unique contexts, our team of researchers, evaluators, and technical assistance staff focus on each client’s specific needs, questions, and goals. We dig into the data to uncover our clients’ challenges, reveal hidden bright spots, create a big-picture view of the state of their improvement initiatives, and determine what’s working, what’s not, and what to do next.

As collaborative partners with our clients, we help clarify their questions and identify the best research methodologies to match their needs. We help clients secure project funding by assisting with their proposal writing and crafting evaluation plans, and we help our clients build greater organizational and systems capacity. Our team collects data, provides technical support for evidence use, and conducts independent evaluations of a wide range of programs. The reports we prepare for our clients are written in a practitioner-friendly manner, with contextually-relevant recommendations that can be used to refine and sustain their efforts to support high-quality teaching, leading, and learning.

In short, we deliver a boutique experience to our clients and partners—a collaborative approach that ensures tailored support and high-quality outcomes for their initiatives.

Client Solution Services

Every problem provides an opportunity to learn, and, while some problems might look the same at first glance, often they are rooted in very different causes. Our job is to help our clients find that cause, and work collaboratively on the solution by listening, reviewing the evidence, and providing research-based, practical guidance on determining what works best to meet the challenge head-on.

Our consultants deliver customized professional development for teachers and education leaders, strategic counseling and planning, analysis and guidance on curriculum and instruction, technical support for developing and implementing new programs and initiatives, and development of effective school and system improvement initiatives that build a culture of high expectations and success.

Operations Teams

Each of our employee’s voices help shape, strengthen, and guide our mission. At the heart of McREL operations is a team of dedicated, mission-driven staff members who support our clients and our internal teams, laying the foundation for success by delivering quality financial services, human resources, information technology, institutional development, and communications services. We are fully committed to developing and building on our greatest asset—our employees—equipping them with the professional tools they need for success and happiness in the workplace.

We’re philanthropists at heart

We promote a culture of generosity by giving back back to our communities with a variety of employee-inspired fundraisers, events, and activities that support great organizations in the places where we live and work.

We support employee health and wealth

McREL provides competitive compensation and benefits, including generous health care, workplace flexibility, paid time off, and retirement plans.

  • Market-competitive salary
  • Substantial insurance plan: health, dental, vision, accident, life, disability, and dependent coverage; flexible spending accounts; and an employee assistance program
  • Retirement plan with generous employer contribution
  • Time off for work-life balance that includes vacation days, personal days, sick leave, and 10 paid holidays



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